Everyone loves games! Students can learn good counseling strategies while having FUN! You can learn to use everyday familiar games to teach your students stress and anger management, decision making, communication skills, study and organizational skills, making friends, conflict resolution, and more! Use these ideas to facilitate good discussions.

       Games will allow you to meet the needs of all student learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Games help students learn good socialization and communication skills. Allow Grace Wilhelm to walk you through the steps of using everyday games to teach your students unforgettable and creative techniques.

       Never again will you be stuck purchasing expensive games from a catalog with complicated rules and pieces. You can use familiar games with simple rules that are fun for you and your students. Don't Break the Ice, Jenga, puppets, pick-up sticks, Barrel of Monkeys, playing cards, Topple, Tumble, and Jumpin' Monkeys are just a few of the games that will spark your creative juices.

       Use the ideas presented and then run with them! Make them yours to use with any population, any age group, and any teaching or counseling strategy! You will be amazed at just how easy it is!!! Your students and parents will thank you, too!

Games and Play Sessions
for School Counselors
Using Perfection

Used with permission by Hasbro. Copyright 2013 Gray Sea Press

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"These games are very tangible and visual for students.  They are easy to understand. They help the students to really SEE!"

Johanna Lawson
Special Education Teacher

"I have observed Grace as she worked with middle school students with the games. What I noticed was their genuine engagement in the process and the "aha’s" when they were able to understand a concept that related to a life skill! What better way to effectively learn how to manage emotions, get along with others, and the importance of choices than through having fun!!"

Barbara Pepper, PhD, LMHC
National Board Certified Counselor

"I have used Games and Play with students in Elementary, Middle and High School.  I love it because of the simplicity of using common games that families have at home. How practical to use these games in so many different ways!   The students love it because these are games that they are familiar with and it makes it easy for them to share their feelings, while playing a game!  The games can be used for developing so many different  lessons on social skills, assertiveness, conflict resolutions and character traits!  The possibilities are endless! I would recommend Mrs. Wilhelm's, Games and Play lessons to all counselors who would like to add some fun into the day!"

Ms. Patricia Yon
School Counselor